Meet Michael Hardt

Jun 4, 2012

When the book “Empire” (2000/ Harvard University Press) first came out, it was called the “Communist Manifesto of the 21st Century.” Co-author Michael Hardt and his collaborator Antonio Negri were hailed as the Marx and Engles of the Internet age and they went on to work on three books that are sometimes called the “Empire Trilogy.” It’s a hypothesis about the state of our political culture.

The pair has a new book out in response to the Occupy Wall Street movement and the various encampments and occupations around the world in 2011. Hardt is also the Chair of the Literature Department at Duke University and a professor of Literature and Italian Studies. He joins host Frank Stasio to talk about his work, his life, and his brand new book, “Declaration” (2012/ Argo Navis).