Massive Pittsboro Development Project Still Has Some Hurdles To Jump

Mar 11, 2014

Credit Screen shot from online video / Preston Development Company

In a meeting Monday night, the Pittsboro Board of Commissioners presented Preston Development with more than 40 new requests to follow up on with regards to Chatham Park -- the massive new 7,120 acre live,work, play community. The project could bring as many as 60,000 new residents to Pittsboro, a town of 4,000 currently.

The new requests were suggested by a consultant the town hired to review Chatham Park's current development plan. Among the more than 40 proposals were questions about the overall modeling of the community (Preston was asked to draw up an actual image of what the thing will look like). The town was also curious about where more public use facilities will be located - things like schools, fire departments, hospitals, etc.

But Mayor Bill Terry said the town also decided to take responsibility for some of the recommendations. For example: The current plan doesn't provide enough connectivity between Chatham Park and downtown Pittsboro. But the mayor says that's more a result of the town's current transportation plan, which perhaps needs some updating.

The mayor expects to see some responses to the requests in the next week or so. Assuming they are adequate, a public comment period should open up in about a month.