March Madness for College Start-Ups

Mar 16, 2012

It’s March Madness for college basketball fans.  But teams of student entrepreneurs gathered in Durham this week for Start-up Madness.

Niki Kohari:  Can you guys feel the March Madness in the air!

Leoneda Inge:  Nineteen Start-up Madness teams tipped off in Durham, representing schools in the ACC. Clemson’s “Mushroom Mountain” was lucky enough to make the Elite Eight.  The University of Virginia’s I-pod talking “Tee Gee” doll shined in the Final Four.   But when the buzzer sounded – The University of Miami Hurricanes won with “Cohealo.”   Mark Slaughter says his company designs collaborative infrastructure to help improve health care system continuity.

Mark Slaughter:  The biggest problem in health care right now is inefficiency. And it’s particular with hospital systems.  They’re operating as individual facilities in a health group and they’re not interconnected.  So there’s a ton of waste and a ton of inefficiency.

Slaughter walked away with a check for five thousand dollars.