The Many Interpretations Of 'Hamlet'

Jul 14, 2016

Shakespeare’s "Hamlet" is now more than 400 years old. And while many theatergoers are familiar with its plot lines about murder, death and betrayal, each new staging of the production has the opportunity to highlight a different theme or lesser-known aspect of the story.

Host Frank Stasio previews two different interpretations today. He is joined first by 14-year-old Leo Egger, a student at Durham School of the Arts, whose passion for Shakespeare led him to direct and produce a community production in his neighborhood.

He then talks with actors and directors involved with an uncut staging of "Hamlet" produced by Raleigh’s Honest Pint Theatre Company. The play runs for nearly four hours and includes stories of often-forgotten characters like Fortinbras, a hot-headed Norwegian prince.

Stasio talks with director Jeremy Fiebig, artistic director David Henderson, and actors Tamara Farias and Simon Kaplan. The play opens tonight and runs through Sunday, July 31 at Leggett Theatre at William Peace University.