Mandolin Orange Celebrates Home And Happiness On 'Such Jubilee'

May 5, 2015


Mandolin Orange's new album 'Such Jubilee' is out on Yep Roc Records.
Credit Alex Loops

Chapel Hill musicians Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz have been busy the past year touring as the folk duo Mandolin Orange. But all roads lead back home for the pair.


Their new album, Such Jubilee, is a celebration of home and a revered tribute to the places and people they cherish.

The duo kick off Such Jubilee with the single “Old Ties and Companions.” The song is simple and full of cheer and epitomizes much of the celebration heard throughout the album. It was the first song they recorded, and they say it was a bit overwhelming when they initially stepped into the studio.


“We left the studio that first day wanting to pull our hair out. We were like, ‘Man, this is not going to work. We’re not going to get a record out, we can’t even record the first song,’” Marlin says.

But Frantz says on the second day they were able to take a step back, listen and say, “Oh its perfect! Let’s move on.”


Marlin says after the first song wascompleted, they were able to finish the record in about three and half days.




But Such Jubilee is not all jubilant. The album also features stories of tragedy in "Jump Mountain Blues" as Marlin sings of a father waiting for the ghost of his dead daughter.

It is a serene tale of heartache amidst an album of heartwarming gala. Such Jubilee is Mandolin Orange’s fourth studio album and delivers another collection of soft and soothing songs.

Check out Mandolin Orange performing "Old Ties and Companions" below: