Making Visible The Lives And Labor Of Farmworkers, Meet Ramón Zepeda

Jun 29, 2015

Foreign-born farmworkers are vital to the American food system. But while most of the produce that ends up on American plates is handpicked, the day-to-day lives of people laboring in the fields still remains more or less invisible. Ramón Zepeda is a 28-year-old working to change visibility of farmworkers.He grew up in a small farming community in Jalisco, Mexico. Most of his family members have spent time in the fields, and he has devoted his life to working in solidarity with underrepresented workers.

In high school, he helped start a club to support other migrant students; in college, he documented the working conditions at a North Carolina pork processing plant, and today he works as a program director at Student Action with Farmworkers. Host Frank Stasio talks with Zepeda about his commitment to social justice work and life path from Jalisco, Mexico to Raeford, North Carolina.