Mad Satta And A New Wave Of Jazz And Soul

Apr 24, 2015

Mad Satta is a Neo-Jazz band out of New York City.

The New York band Mad Satta is part of a new generation of jazz and soul musicians.

The genre is often referred to as neo-jazz, a genre that, perhaps like the origins of jazz, does not have a clear definition. It mixes classic jazz with soul, funk, rock and blues. The eight-member Mad Satta came up with their own definition of neo-jazz, and they are on tour to spread the "cool" at festivals across the country. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with three members of the band: Joanna Teters on vocals, Ben Carr on the bass guitar, and Kevin Theodore on the keyboard, and they play live. 

Mad Satta plays at the Art of Cool festival tonight at the Pinhook in Durham.

The members of Mad Satta.