'Mad Men' Mondays: Intriguing Archival Images From Advertising History

Apr 14, 2014

Jon Hamm as Don Draper. Mad Men, Season 7, Episode 1
Credit Michael Yarish / AMC

AMC’s final Mad Men season debuted this week. Many staff members of the Hartman Center at Duke University tuned in. The center specializes in advertising and marketing history. Their archives are full of the sort of ads seen on the series. In fact, the AMC show even consults with them from time to time.

So, hoping to have a little fun and also provide some historical context for the ads seen on the show, the Hartman Center runs a weekly column on their blog called “Mad Men Mondays.” In it, they recap the show, note any marketing references, and post a variety of ads from their archive that correspond to references made on the episode. (We've highlighted some of the images in the slideshow at the top of this post. Don't miss their Flickr gallery that contains more images, including the Playboy advertisement "Move In. Or you'll lose him.")

As we have done in years past, WUNC will make the “Mad Men Mondays” column available on our site, too. Here goes.

Credit John W. Hartman Center, Duke University Rubenstein Library

Mad Men Monday - Season 7, Episode 1 "Time Zones"    
Everyone's favorite ad men and women are back with Season 7 of Mad Men!  Join the Hartman Center as we look back at some ads that resonate with each episode of the new season in what we call Mad Men Mondays.

The episode begins in January 1969 with freelancer Freddy Rumsen pitching a commercial for Accutron watches to an enthusiastic Peggy. Later Peggy pitches a variation on the same ad to new SC&P creative director Lou Avery and is disappointed when he opts for a blander slogan.

Roger wakes up amongst a group of naked sleeping people on the floor of his messy hotel room when his daughter calls to invite him to brunch. A harried and overworked Ken asks Joan to meet with a representative from Butler Footwear in his stead.  She quickly realizes that Butler's marketing director intends to move all advertising in-house and dismiss SC&P.

Don visits Megan in Los Angeles for the weekend and they have a series of awkward encounters. Don also meets up with a happy, suntanned Pete, who shows him around the new office and brings him up to speed on SC&P gossip.

Peggy and Ted have an awkward exchange when he visits the New York office. Joan meets with a Columbia University business professor to get an analysis of Butler Footwear's plans.  The professor's ideas help Joan keep Butler's account from firing SC&P right away.

Roger's daughter forgives him for all of his transgressions over brunch, which doesn't seem to sink in with him until later when he lies down with his lover and another man.

Don meets a woman on the plane back to New York and they have a candid conversation about their lives, but he declines her offer of more. Peggy has to deal with her tenant's toilet problems and is frustrated with her life.

Last night's episode featured references to Accutron watches, Austin Healy, brunch, vodka, sliding doors among other things.  Enjoy our selection of highlighted ads that reflect the brands and themes that Mad Men characters interacted with last night.