Luray Melds Banjo, Mbira And Ambient Sounds

Nov 18, 2016

Shannon Carey grew up playing guitar in a musical family. She wrote her own songs in high school, but then started a career as a social worker and put her passion for music to the side. Years later she witnessed both of her younger brothers pursuing their musical dreams, one alongside the now-famous Bon Iver, and decided to pursue her own musical career.

Since 2013, Carey has written and performed under the band name Luray. They have released one album and one EP with a second album scheduled for release next year. Host Frank Stasio talks with the members of Luray and they perform live in studio. The band is Shannon Carey on banjo and vocals; Scott Burton on guitar; and CJ Wolfe on drums and mbira. Luray performs at Schoolkids Records in Raleigh tonight at 8 p.m.​

Here's Luray performing the song "Mountain":