Los Jets: A Small Town Soccer Team With Something To Prove

Jul 16, 2014

Paul Cuadros (pictured third from the left) and his team, Los Jets
Credit Nuvo TV

  UNC journalism professor Paul Cuadros came to North Carolina 15 years ago to write about Latino migration.

A few years into his research, he launched Los Jets, the varsity soccer team at Jordan-Matthews High School in Siler City. It was wildly successful, but some of his players face an uncertain future when they leave the pitch. They are all sons of Latino immigrants, some of whom came to this country illegally.

Cuadros wrote a book about his team in 2006, called “Home on the Field: How One Championship Team Inspires Hope for the Revival of a Small Town.”

Now, his book is the subject of a documentary series directed by filmmaker Mark Landsman, called “Los Jets.” It follows the team’s success, and shows how some of the players grapple with their status of citizenship. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with Paul Cuadros and Mark Landsman about the story of Los Jets.

The series, with a trailer below, premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Nuvo TV.