Lorillard Workers To Protest At FDA Meeting

Dec 7, 2010

Tobacco workers employed by Lorillard plan to protest at an FDA meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning in Raleigh. The government is reviewing the safety of menthol cigarettes- Lorillard has a market share of about 35 percent of the product. The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 317-T in Greensboro is organizing the event. Randy Fulk is the union's international representative. He worked for Lorillard Tobacco for more than 36 years:

"I will be there to represent workers- to represent workers who've got families and kids in college and car payments and house payments."

Fulk worries that if the FDA bans or places restrictions on manufacturing menthol cigarettes, workers will lose their jobs. The FDA is expected to make a decision next March.