Libby Rodenbough Goes Solo On 'Spectacle Of Love'

Jul 3, 2020

Libby Rodenbough is taking a break from the indie Americana band Mipso to release her debut solo album Spectacle of Love. The Durham-based musician is expanding her musical pallet with contributions that include electric piano, synthesizers and even bass clarinet.  The songs are mysterious and beautiful with echoes of artists from Rickie Lee Jones, to Andrew Bird, to Gillian Welch.

The album's first single is 'Colors,' a song that tackles the projections we place on people we meet.

"That song is really about...the insecurity that you may be a fraud. That people are seeing things in you that really don't exist." Rodenbough says. "I think artists have this struggle a lot...about whether or not to try to create a persona...whether or not to keep some distance between their work and their true self, whatever that is."

Spectacle Of Love is available now on Bandcamp or wherever you buy your music.