LGBTQ Rights In The Methodist Church

Apr 16, 2015

Rev. Gil Caldwell (far right) with Martin Luther King, Jr.

In 2007, Methodist Reverend Frank Schaefer performed the marriage service for his son Tim's wedding.

The seemingly routine action dramatically altered Schaefer's career because the same-sex union was prohibited by the church. Schaefer’s performance of marriage vows put him at the center of a controversy. He was stripped of his credentials but after a trial, the defrocking was overturned.

Now, Rev. Schaefer is an advocate for LGBTQ communities in the church. His advocacy is similar to that of Reverend Gil Caldwell who began his fight for equal rights in the 1960s after meeting Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Rev. Caldwell examines the parallels between movement for LGBTQ rights and the civil rights movement. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with Rev. Schaefer and Rev. Caldwell. They both speak this Saturday at the Jack Crum conference in Durham