Legislative Subcommittee Endorses State Panel Taking Over Medicaid

Jan 15, 2015

Credit Tulane Publications / Flickr, Creative Commons

A legislative subcommittee has endorsed a measure that would take oversight of the state's Medicaid program away from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The subcommittee approved the measure Thursday.

It would place an eight-member board in charge of the state's Medicaid program. The group would run Medicaid with a set amount of funds, given by the legislature every year. That means it would have the power to increase or reduce services for patients.

Not surprisingly, the director of the state's Medicaid program, Robin Cummings, opposes the idea. The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Aldona Wos, and Governor Pat McCrory want to expand and build on the state's nationally recognized system of providing care to Medicaid patients, called CCNC.

The legislative measure will be reviewed by another committee next week.