Leaders Urge Congress To "Fix the Debt"

Nov 28, 2012

Some prominent North Carolinians are joining a national campaign to "Fix the Debt". North Carolina's "Fix the Debt" campaign hopes to set a bipartisan example with former Republican governor Jim Holshouser and former Democratic governor Jim Hunt standing side-by-side.

Jim Hunt: "Everyone in Washington worthy of representing the American people must be willing to compromise."

Hunt says if they don't and spending cuts and tax increases take effect in January, the result will be another recession. Tonya Cockman is C-E-O of Greensboro-based Clear Defense. She says the fiscal stalemate is stifling her business

Tonya Cockman: "The ability to hire, to expand, to prepare for the future. Businesses need certainty..and there is currently none."

Coalition members say they aren't endorsing any single plan to fix the debt.