Lawmakers Propose More Abortion Regulations

Apr 2, 2015

House lawmakers have had some long, impassioned debates about regulations for abortion. More debate could be coming soon.
Credit Screen Shot, WRAL Broadcast

Republican lawmakers are proposing changes to North Carolina abortion laws. A bill filed Wednesday would ban employees at state university medical schools from performing abortions and require a longer waiting period before the procedure is allowed.

House Bill 465 prohibits UNC Chapel Hill and East Carolina medical school departments from authorizing employees to perform abortions. Healthcare providers at the institutions would be permitted to carry out abortions in cases of rape, incest or life-threatening complications. Additionally, the measure mandates a three-day waiting period before an abortion could be performed. Under current law, women must wait one day after meeting with a medical professional. The bill was filed by four Republican women on Wednesday. Other components of the bill are similar to a measure recently filed in the Senate.