Journey Across the 100: What Issues Keep North Carolinians Up At Night

Jan 30, 2020

The Jackson County courthouse in Sylva, NC in the southwestern area of North Carolina.
Credit Scott Sharpe / News & Observer

In an ambitious new project, visual journalists from The Charlotte Observer, The News and Observer and the McClatchy Company spread out across the state of North Carolina to record the concerns of regular people.

The project, called “Journey Across the 100,” resulted in a short video from each of North Carolina’s 100 counties. Together they give voice to the ordinary people often left out of political conversations in Raleigh. Host Anita Rao talks to Scott Sharpe and Julia Wall about the surprising and overlooked themes that emerged from the project as well as how they intend to use their reporting to inform 2020 election coverage. Sharpe is the visuals editor for The News and Observer and the McClatchy Southeast Region, and Wall is a staff photojournalist for The News and Observer.