Jooselord: ‘It’s Gonna Get Rough In Here’

Jun 4, 2020

The single 'Rabble Rowzer' is expected to drop this summer.
Credit Courtesy of Jooselord

Inciting riots is his God-given gift, the Durham rapper admits. Jooselord does it regularly on stage and his upcoming release — “MoshPit Messiah” —  is a testament to that skill. So it was a surprise to some of Jooselord’s fans when he maintained peace at protests over the past week in Raleigh and Durham.


Jooselord believes that a gang is any organization looking out for their own in spite of the law. That definition includes political parties, churches, the KKK, and police.
Credit Dalvin Nichols / 8-bit Photography

He expresses equal regard for peaceful and violent protesting, as long as they remain different strategies to the same end. Host Frank Stasio and Jooselord discuss the long fight against police brutality and listen to tracks off of “MoshPit Messiah,” slated for release on October 30.

Raised in North Carolina, Jooselord recounts confrontations with Durham police and explains his view of gang culture as a beautiful aspect of the city worth celebrating.

At the same time, his music calls out Durham’s transformation: “Put a Starbucks in the hood and watch ‘em lock up brothers.”

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