Jonah Tolchin Begins To Heal On 'Fires For The Cold'

Nov 22, 2019

Jonah Tolchin's journey through life has been a little rough over the past few years.  His marriage ended and it left him looking for a new beginning.  'Fires For The Cold' is the result of putting some of those harrowing personal experiences to music. It's something he excels at.

"The whole nature of what I do is to transform what are mainly difficult emotions into creative energy, uplifting the spirit and turning sorrow to joy."

Jonah Tolchin - Fires For The Cold
Credit Yep Roc Records

One of the album's most emotional songs is 'White Toyote Ranger.' Tolchin says it's a song that was inspired by witnessing a stranger's grief while he was sitting in a parking lot.

"I just happened to look over, and his head was in his hands and I could tell he was just weeping. It really hit an emotional chord for me to see that."

'Fires For The Cold' is out now on Hillsborough based Yep Roc Records.