John Paul White - WUNC's Songs We Love Podcast

Oct 30, 2016

WUNC's Songs We Love - a podcast from WUNC Music
Credit WUNC

Today we launch WUNC's Songs We Love Podcast. It's where we look at the stories behind some of the songs in rotation on our 24-hour music discovery stream, WUNC Music.  

One song that's in the WUNC Music mix right now is "Black Leaf" by John Paul White.  

White used to be in the band The Civil Wars but has since branched out on his own. His song "Black Leaf" is one recorded for his solo album "Beulah."

In this first podcast, Eric and John Paul talk about music inspiration, song writing and more.

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'Ice water...I saw her... I just liked the way [these words] sounded together and I just started thinking what did I see her do?' - John Paul White on writing 'Black Leaf'