Jeff Austin Band Brings A Beat To 'Back Porch Music On The Lawn' With Hank Smith and Lindsey Tims

Jul 29, 2015

The Back Porch Music on the Lawn series rolls on Thursday, June 30  with a mandolin player igniting a bluegrass group, along with a slick banjo and violin duo.

Headlining the show will be the Jeff Austin Band delivering exuberant and wily bluegrass. Banjo player Hank Smith and multi-instrumentalist Lindsey Tims will open with a blend of breakdown tunes and contemporary acoustic songs.


The free concert is open to the public and kicks off at 6 p.m. on the American Tobacco Campus lawn in Durham.

Here is what concert-goers should expect to enjoy:

Jeff Austin Band

Jeff Austin
Credit Dorothy St. Claire Photography

Jeff Austin might be known to you for his mandolin playing and singing with Yonder Mountain String Band. His debut solo album, The Simple Truth, takes Austin’s history of orchestrating bluegrass jam bands and infuses power pop, country ballads, and rock music.

Austin says via his website, “I remember standing in front of the Grateful Dead three weeks before I dropped out of college and thinking, ‘There’s so much more to this music thing than being educated and being told what you are.’”

Watch the Jeff Austin Band play “Simple Truth” and “15 Steps” below:




Hank Smith and Lindsey Tims


Bluegrass instrumentalists Hank Smith and Lindsey Tims have decades of combined experience, and showcase a repertoire of original material and classic folk songs. In the duo’s debut album, Impulse, Smith and Tims root themselves in the rich tradition of acoustic folk music, while exploring its boundaries with jazz and classical-themed songs.


Check out the pair playing Bela Fleck's "Slipstream" below:



The American Tobacco Campus is located at 318 Blackwell Street in Durham, NC.

Here's a Google Map to help you find "the Lawn":