Jazz Pianist Eric Hirsh Finds His Own Voice

Aug 10, 2018

Eric Hirsh’s parents met at a conservatory, so music was a staple in their home. Like many children, he began music lessons at a young age. But how many take jazz piano at the tender age of eight? Jazz would become his love. 

He helped foster and grow this love when he co-created the progressive hip-hop quartet “The Beast” and became director of the salsa band Orquesta GarDel. Hirsh has performed on the State of Things with both bands.

He returns with “Distillation,” his first release as a bandleader and what Hirsh calls his “truest expression” as an artist. Joined by Aaron Hill on saxophone, Pete Kimosh on acoustic bass and Stephen Coffman on drums, Eric Hirsh performs songs from his debut album. The concert and album release party is tonight at the Durham Fruit and Produce Company located at 305 South Dillard in Durham.  

His band The Beast performs second Sundays at the Durham Hotel. Orquesta GarDel has a new residency at the Living Arts Collective where they perform live for salsa dancers.