Jane Goodall Research on Chimps Archived at Duke

Mar 29, 2011

Research on chimpanzees started by Jane Goodall fifty years ago is now being digitally archived at Duke University. The collection includes Goodall's original hand written notes, maps, videos and thousands of photographs. Goodall began studying chimpanzees at Gombe National Park in Tanzania in 1960. She visited Duke yesterday to meet with members of the archiving team:

"I could never have dreamed of what's happening to it with the digitizing. It's going to make it so easy to work with compared to what I had to do, which was all by hand on bits of paper. But it's wonderful to know that it's happening, and that some of the questions that aren't answered yet, will be answered and that in the doing so we will learn more questions to ask."

Goodall's former research assistant, Anne Pusey, is leading the archiving team. Pusey is chair of the evolutionary anthropology department at Duke and began digitizing the data twenty years ago