It's Not A Gigabit, But Time Warner Cable Speeds Up Internet

Mar 6, 2015

Time Warner Cable moves to "enhance" internet and TV service.
Credit Michel Tronchetti

It’s not nearly as fast as the Gigabit service promised by Google Fiber and AT&T.  But, Time Warner Cable has announced faster internet service is coming to North Carolina soon .

The new, upgraded service is called TWC Maxx. 

“So, TWC Maxx is our plan to transform the Time Warner Cable customer experience," said Scott Pryzwansky.

Scott Pryzwansky is the Public Relations Director for Time Warner Cable spokesman in the Eastern United States.  He says their new internet service will be up to six times faster than the current service, with no change in price.

TWC Maxx is already in New York City and Los Angeles and parts of Texas.  The Triangle and many other North Carolina communities will have it by the end of summer.  Service should be extended to Charlotte by the end of the year.

TWC customers who subscribe to the Ultimate plan, 100 Megabits per second, will see their internet service jump to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps). Earlier this year, Google Fiber announced it will bring ultra high-speed Gigabit service to the Triangle.  A Gigabit is 1,000 Megabits.

Pryzwansky says TWC Maxx also includes an expanded On Demand cable television library and an enhanced DVR service that will let customers record up to six different programs simultaneously.