House Votes For Controversial Development Bill

Jun 27, 2012

Lawmakers have tentatively passed a bill that would require cities to provide water and sewer service to any area within its urban growth boundary.

Jessica Jones: Senate Bill 382 started out as a bill that addressed real estate sales. But on Monday, the House Rules Committee rewrote the bill to change the rules on when cities must provide water to developments outside their corporate boundaries. Committee members have acknowledged the measure would help a controversial developer who has failed to get water and sewer service from the city of Raleigh [Durham] for a housing site near Jordan Lake. Republican Representative Tim Moore is a supporter of the measure.

Tim Moore: This allows for protection of the city, protection of the landowner, and a careful balance of all those issues. So it's nothing more than that.

The bill would also delay the implementation of water quality rules for Jordan Lake. Opponents to the development say it would threaten water quality in the area.