Hog-Tying Death Called A Homicide: Greensboro PD Releases Footage

Dec 6, 2018

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan and the family of the victim Marcus Deon Smith.
Credit Jordan Green/Triad City Beat

The death of Marcus Deon Smith was declared a homicide by the state medical examiner’s office. Within hours of this news, a Guilford County superior court judge authorized the release of the camera footage from the incident, which shows Smith wandering in the street and behaving erratically and Greensboro police placing him in a controversial restraint many compare to “hog-tying.”

He was transported by EMS and died at the hospital shortly after. Triad City Beat Senior reporter Jordan Green has been following this story. He joins host Frank Stasio with an update on the officers involved in the incident, community reaction and plans by the mayor of Greensboro to give officers more resources.

A compilation of body camera footage of the incident published by the city of Greensboro: