His Black And White Images Show Latinos In A Good Light: Meet José Gálvez

Feb 25, 2019

José Gálvez was a 10-year-old shoe-shine boy when he first stepped foot in the newsroom of the Arizona Daily Star. His entry into that building was his first step in a decades-long career as a photojournalist that would eventually earn him a Pulitzer Prize for public service journalism. His winning series, like much of his work, showed the positive and mundane side of life in Latino communities in America.

Host Frank Stasio talks with photojournalist José Gálvez about the responsibility he feels to document Latino life in America and some of his favorite images. Photographs from José Gálvez’s collection “Al Norte al Norte: Latino Life in North Carolina” are on display at the City of Raleigh Museum until March 10, 2019.