Hillary Clinton Addresses Annual VFW Convention In Charlotte

Jul 25, 2016

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton spoke to several thousand veterans gathered at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention in Charlotte Monday morning.

She spoke about her admiration for veterans and touched on issues of national security, America's role in the world and her plan to combat domestic and international terrorism. Clinton also drew attention to her plan not to privatize VA healthcare - a topic of concern for many veterans. It was her third appearance in the state in just over a month.

"I believe the United States of America is an exceptional nation with capabilities that no other country comes close to matching, and we have the world's greatest military. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise," said Clinton, to a cheering crowd.  

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In the 30-minute speech, Clinton said she believes in standing with the country's allies and working with military leaders to make strategic, foreign policy decisions.

"I believe in standing with our allies because they are part of what makes us exceptional. No other country in the world has relationships like we do. Generations of American troops fought, and yes died, to secure those bonds, because they knew we were safer with more friends and partners and fewer adversaries and enemies," she said.

While she never mentioned her Republican opponent by name, Clinton referred to Donald Trump in not-so-subtle ways.

"If you want somebody who will scapegoat other people, peddle fear, and smear, I am not your candidate," she said. "I'm interested in bringing everybody together, rolling up our sleeves, getting to work and solving all our problems."

After speaking to the VFW, Clinton visited a campaign organizing event in Charlotte.

Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence are expected to appear in Winston-Salem on Monday evening. Party officials say Gov. Pat McCrory and U.S. Sen. Richard Burr will also be on hand for that event.

Trump is also scheduled to address the VFW convention on Tuesday in Charlotte. He's also made several visits to the state in recent weeks, with rallies in Greensboro and Raleigh.