Greensboro Looks For A Million Dollar Idea

May 2, 2013

Credit Scott Moore, Flickr, Creative Commons

Leaders in Greensboro are accepting submissions for a federal grant that will award one million dollars for an innovative plan.  The winning idea is supposed to help the city’s economy by designing a way to improve long-term job prospects.  Organizers admit they’re being purposely vague to see what kind of submissions they get to develop the city.  A panel of about 20 people that will ultimately chose the winning entry, met for the first time on Wednesday.

“This is the first step. A million dollars is a carrot to attract smart people, with great ideas.  The investment comes after the ideas have been identified,” said Harold Martin, the Chancellor at North Carolina A&T State University and Chairman of the group that will judge proposals.

Martin said the winning submission could be relevant to transportation, education or connecting neighborhoods within the city.  The panel will narrow submissions to a few this fall, and select a winner in the summer of 2014.