Greensboro To Host First Sensory-Friendly Movie Night

Jun 13, 2019

Greensboro debuts a sensory-friendly movie night in LeBauer Park this Friday.
Credit Creative Commons / pxhere

Greensboro will pilot its first sensory-friendly movie night this Friday. The goal is to be more inclusive of people with certain needs.

Greensboro Downtown Parks Incorporated and InFocus Advocacy are partnering to make sure all movie-goers will enjoy the free showing of the movie "Ferdinand" in Greensboro's LeBauer Park.

The city's free movie nights always include closed-captioning, however with their sensory-friendly night, they'll also include options for movie-goers with developmental or physical disabilities. There will be a wheelchair entrance and exit, trigger warnings, a calming area and park ambassadors trained to offer assistance to those who need it.

Greensboro Downtown Parks Inc. Executive Director Rob Overman said he wants to be inclusive and educate people.

“Hopefully, by raising awareness for folks that don't live with these challenges we'll be able to show them that some very simple, very nuanced things that you can do can have an incredible impact on someone without detracting from your overall experience."

Overman hopes the sensory-friendly movie night will continue into the future.