The Gravy Boys, Alice Gerrard And The Piedmont Melody Makers Play On 'The Lawn'

Jun 24, 2015

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The sweltering summer heat isn't going to stop the tunes from flowin' and the people from dancin' at the next Back Porch Music On the Lawn Concert on Thursday, June 25.

The show will feature the Gravy Boys performing acoustic Americana. Alice Gerrard and the Piedmont Melody Makers will open with new and traditional bluegrass and string-band music.

The free concert is open to the public and kicks off at 6 p.m. on the American Tobacco Campus lawn in Durham.

Below is a preview of what concert-goers will enjoy:

The Gravy Boys

"Please Don't Take Me Back"

Hailing proudly from Raleigh/Durham, the Gravy Boys sometimes adorn old-time attire like bowl hats and classic-style vests while they stomp and dance around. By doing this, the Gravy Boys evoke a traditional style with a high-energy spirit to their music. The Gravy Boys website describes the group's music as "adding a cup of country, a pinch of roots rock, a handful of honky-tonk, a splash of bluegrass, a dash of hobo folk, stirring vigorously, and letting it simmer 'til the pot bubbles over."

The ensemble isn't afraid to put their spin on some non-bluegrass tunes as well. Check out them playing "Time of the Season" below:

Alice Gerrard & the Piedmont Melody Makers

Durham, NC-based Alice Gerrard has been called one of the "pioneering women of bluegrass" and has often been a guest on A Prairie Home Companion, heard Saturday evenings here on WUNC.

Alice joins longtime friends Chris Brasher, Cliff Hale and Jim Watson to offer calm and composed old-time bluegrass songs. At 80 years old, Gerrard's legacy continues to grow. She was recently nominated for a 2015 Grammy  for her album "Follow the Music."

Check out Alice Gerrard & the Piedmont Melody Makers perform the classic song "Trial, Troubles, Tribulations" below:

The American Tobacco Campus is located at 318 Blackwell Street in Durham, NC.

Here's a Google Map to help you find "the Lawn":