‘Going Deep’ Podcast Probes Sports’ Unethical Underbelly

Sep 14, 2017

After coaching football at nearly every level from high school to the NFL, John Shoop and his wife Reverend Marcia Mount Shoop have racked up a lifetime of observations and convictions about the ethics of sports.

  When John was a young coach at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the couple became outraged at the lack of due process for football players embroiled in a 2010 NCAA investigation. John went on to coach football at Purdue University but lost his job after standing up for players’ rights and against racism. The Shoops are now looking at some of the complex ethical issues inherent in sports and society in the new podcast “Going Deep: Sports in the 21st century.”

Host Frank Stasio talks with John Shoop and Marcia Mount Shoop about some of the ethical questions they probe in the project, from using cannabis to allowing concussions. “Going Deep” was recorded and will be available at Blue Ridge Public Radio beginning Sept. 23.