The Future Of Teen Sexual Health

Mar 8, 2018


Practitioners at community health clinics may be impacted up budget cuts and restructuring.
Credit Sabin Institute / Flickr/Creative Commons,

As the Trump administration continues to chip away at Obamacare, many public health practitioners are left wondering how the changes will affect their clients. The statewide sexual health non-profit Shift NC has voiced particular concerns about how the administration’s policies could affect underserved teens and adolescents.

Teen pregnancy rates have declined sharply in the past 10 years, but policy shifts and funding cuts could threaten that progress. Meanwhile, as North Carolina transitions to a managed care model, what changes are in store for adolescent patients? Host Frank Stasio talks with participants in an upcoming adolescent health forum, including Michelle Reese, director of clinic improvement services for Shift NC and Assistant Secretary of Medicaid Transformation Jay Ludlam. Ludlam provides an inside look on the state’s plan to privatize Medicaid. The State of Adolescent Health Forum takes place at The Friday Center in Chapel Hill Friday, March 9. The event is sold out.