"Freedom Rallies" Honored in Williamston

Jul 11, 2011

The “Freedom Rallies” of 1963 were remembered and honored yesterday with a North Carolina Highway Historical Marker. 

The “Freedom Rallies” took place in the town of Williamston – in Martin County.  For 32 days – hundreds of mostly African Americans held mass meetings and marches, anchored at Green Memorial Church.  Diane Carr was 12-years-old during the “Freedom Rallies” and remembers singing and marching to the courthouse to demand equal rights.

Diane Carr:  "(singing) I’m gonna keep on marching, keep on marching, moving up to freedom land. (speaking) And we would go on and on and on and on with that song, and the more we sang it, the more we got pepped up."

The historical marker stands right near Green Memorial – at Main and Henderson Streets in Williamston.