Fort Bragg Soldiers Vie For Best Thanksgiving Meal

Nov 26, 2013

The annual Thanksgiving holiday meal and best dining facility competition starts Tuesday at Fort Bragg. Some 20,000 military service members, family and retirees are expected to attend.  Chief Roshaun Anderson is food advisor for the 82nd Sustainment Brigade.  He says the event is like the food service Super Bowl on post.

Credit Fort Bragg / creative commons

"We actually work into the wee hours of the night," Anderson says.  "We have a night shift that will work to about midnight or on in the morning to ensure everything is good to go..everything is finalized.  We train and we have personnel that actually go to culinary arts courses on Fort Bragg to prepare for Thanksgiving every year."

Anderson has been participating in the contest for the past 16 years. He says judging will be based on preparation, taste, appearance, and originality...

"We have the traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and things of that nature. We're trying to do an ice sculpture of a shrimp boat..not to give away too much..and do some fancy cakes - maybe a bible cake with a chosen verse," Anderson says

Judges will consider taste, appearance, sanitation, and originality through the next two days of competition.