Fort Bragg To Increase Safety With Alert System On Post

Oct 3, 2014

Fort Bragg will begin rolling out its new Mass Warning and Notification System this month.

Already proven and tested at Pope Air Field after the last few years, the AtHOC technology will connect Fort Bragg service members, the civilian workforce, and their families with immediate emergency and crisis information.

Credit Fort Bragg / creative commons

Ben Abel is a public information officer on post. He says the system will be used primarily for situations involving life, health, and safety:

"A shooting, a bombing, a terrorist attack or imminent terrorist threat ... a tornado or hurricane or if there was a gas leak or chemical or other contaminant spill," Abel says.

Abel says the system can serve to not only isolate the danger... but it can also serve keep base personnel out of harm's way.  

"Any situations where our law enforcement and emergency management are needing people to stay in one place or stay away from a location that may be contaminated or the scene of a crime.]

Messages will be delivered to computers and mobile devices via text, pop-up, and email.