Food Brings Older Adults Back To The Table

Nov 24, 2014

Many kids grow up spending time after school with other kids in their neighborhood playing pick-up soccer, videogames or capture the flag. 

But Amanda Holliday grew up on a street without many children, so she spent time with her elderly neighbors. From a young age, she felt comfortable around older adults and loved listening to their stories. In high school she logged more than 1500 hours volunteering in nursing homes and quickly realized that many others in her community seemed to forget about and ignore the elderly, especially when it came to food and eating. Holliday has since devoted her life’s work to older adult nutrition, and using food to integrate older adults into society. 

Host Frank Stasio talks to Amanda Holliday, the program director for the UNC-Chapel Hill masters program in public health nutrition

Watch Amanda Holliday's virtual dementia tour: