Five Former Workers Sue Mebane Hotel For Wage Theft

Jan 5, 2020

Five former employees of the Hampton Inn in Mebane filed a complaint in Guilford County Superior Court alleging wage theft totalling $24,681. They assert that money is from unpaid bonuses and vacation time, mileage reimbursement, a malfunctioning time clock and more.

In a demonstration last week, former workers accused management of the hotel of discriminatory practices. All five of the people behind this complaint are immigrants from Mexico. They say that once the hotel was sold to Joel B. Griffin and Douglas L. Stafford, they were treated as second-class citizens. Indy Week Staff Writer Thomasi McDonald talked to two of the workers filing the suit: Martina Robles Salazer and Aldaberto Rios Ibarra. He talks with host Frank Stasio about his reporting.