Fighting To Stay: Meet Felipe de Jesus Molina Mendoza

Feb 13, 2017

UPDATE: Immigration officials in Charlotte have delayed the deportation order for Felipe de Jesus Molina Mendoza until a federal appeals court renders a decision on his asylum case. 

Mexican-born Felipe de Jesus Molina Mendoza is asking for asylum in the United States. He says he faces harassment if he is forced to return to Mexico because he is openly gay. Last time he was in Mexico, Molina Mendoza says he and a former boyfriend were attacked with beer bottles because of their sexual orientation.

Molina Mendoza has already been deported once before, and immigration officials say he is a priority for deportation. But his supporters argue he is contributing to society, and that the Riverside High School graduate does not pose a threat to Americans. Alerta Migratoria NC, and the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP are two of the local organizations that have stepped up to help Molina Mendoza fight to stay in the country.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Molina Mendoza about his life and legal claims.