The Feminist Movement Under Trump

Jan 26, 2017

Women and their supporters turned out in droves for the Women's March on Raleigh, on January 21, 2017.
Credit Jess Clark / WUNC

The Women’s March on Washington last weekend and sister marches around the world brought the feminist movement into the limelight once again. But 2017 feminism looks very different from its 1960s counterpart. The intersectionality of women's experiences are being moved to the forefront of the cause. Since his start in office, President Donald Trump has signed documents which will impact women’s health and rights.

Host Frank Stasio speaks with feminist activist Rosa Clemente; and Lisa Levenstein, a professor of history at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro specializing in women’s movements; and Laila Nur, a community organizer and musician, about how these political decisions affect women and the global women’s movement.