FEMA Brings Trailers To NC For Temporary Housing

Oct 18, 2018

Thousands of Hurricane Florence victims are still displaced from their homes, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency is in North Carolina working to help.

That now includes providing temporary housing in so-called FEMA trailers and manufactured homes.

The trailers are smaller and intended for families who can make their homes habitable in fewer than six months. Manufactured homes are for longer stays.

"These solutions are tailored to the individual needs of the survivor, and are based on how quickly that their homes can be repaired to a safe, sanitary and functional condition," said FEMA Spokesman Mike Wade.

FEMA likes to put the temporary housing on the victim's existing property. But zoning regulations or utility access doesn't always allow that.

"If those criteria can't be met, then our next option would be to place the unit in a travel park, a mobile home park that is already zoned and has everything we need to come set it up," said Wade.

FEMA also offers rental assistance or places people in hotels where possible.