Federal Farm Bill Negotiations Threaten SNAP Benefits

Apr 11, 2018

North Carolina State Farmers' Market. SNAP benefits help both consumers and producers of agriculture.
Credit USDA

The Trump administration wants to see a 20 percent cut over 10 years to SNAP, the food stamp program that helps feed 42 million Americans each year. Funding for SNAP is provided through the Federal Farm Bill, which will soon be under debate in Washington. The current bill is set to expire this fall.

Researchers and educators at North Carolina State University are hosting a symposium this week to bring stakeholders together and connect the dots from farming to food policy and healthcare. "Policy Impact – Federal To Local:  Strengthening Food, Agriculture and Health Care Intersections in North Carolina" takes place Thursday, April 12, and will be available as a webstream. Host Frank Stasio speaks with organizer Lindsey Haynes-Maslow, professor and extension specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences at North Carolina State University and the principal investigator of North Carolina State’s SNAP education program “Steps to Health.” Haynes-Maslow discusses how cuts to SNAP would impact North Carolina farmers and retailers.