Farm Provides Therapy For People With Mental Illness And Developmental Disabilities

Mar 17, 2014

Working on a farm
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The Farm at Penny Lane is a 40-acre plot of land tucked away in north Pittsboro, North Carolina. But this is no conventional farming operation; it is operated by volunteers and people with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

'It's just amazing how when people are able to be self-sufficient, and are able to show off their talent and use their talent- It's amazing what that does to someone, to their self-esteem.' - Thava Mahadevan

Thava Mahadevan is the founder of The Farm at Penny Lane, director of operations at the Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health at the UNC School of Medicine, and executive director of XDS, a nonprofit that provides care to individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Host Frank Stasio talks with Mahadevan about his life and work.