Family Secrets Explored Through Stories, Images And Sound

Mar 26, 2015

Every place holds stories—of people who lived there, died there, or passed through at some point in their life. 

Family Secrets is a new song cycle performance debuting this weekend that explores the relationship among places, people and secrets.

Soprano Andrea Edith Moore asked seven acclaimed Southern authors to write pieces about a family secret centered around a particular place in the house, like “The Pantry” or “The Top of The Stairs.” Composer Daniel Thomas Davis then designed a composition and performance that supplements these pieces of writing with multimedia elements from local photographer Elizabeth Matheson and folk art collector Steven Burke

Host Frank Stasio talks to Andrea Edith Moore and Daniel Thomas Davis about conceiving and executing the production; David Kirkland Garner joins Moore to perform a live excerpt from the song cycle, and Steven Burke shares the story behind his collection of more than 1200 American folk art buildings.