Facing Biggest Mission Yet, U.S. Army Struggles To Recruit

Feb 8, 2018

The Army has recently increased recruitment efforts in person and via social media
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Last spring, the Army told recruiters it expected them to enlist 6,000 new soldiers – the largest mid-year increase in its history. It recently also upped its yearly recruitment goal to an unexpected high of 80,000.

The Army is taking steps to fulfill the mission, like adding 4,000 recruiters and launching social media campaigns to reach a new crop of young people. But getting enlistees to sign up is a tougher sell than ever these days given high rates of ineligibility due to the growing obesity rate, a negative perception of armed service and a widening gulf between military and civilian families.

Host Frank Stasio talks with WUNC military reporter Jay Price about the Army’s new efforts to recruit more Americans than ever and the challenges it faces in doing so. His piece was produced as part of the American Homefront Project.