Exploring Media's Impact In A Time Of Crisis

Apr 26, 2013

As the media covered the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, they also made mistakes. News outlets, with reputations built on truth and accuracy, spent air-time speculating rather than reporting.  Some of the early, incorrect reports posed threats to innocent people who were wrongly-implicated in the bombing.

During this week's news roundtable, Host Frank Stasio will talk with Mark Binker, Omid Safi, and Jules Odendahl-James about media's role in a time of crisis. Mark Binker is a Multimedia Investigative Reporter for WRAL; Omid Safi is a professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Jules Odendahl-James is a Resident Dramaturg and Visiting Lecturer at Duke University.

More of Omid Safi's reflection on the Boston Bombing Marathon can be found in this blog.