Exhibition Shows Diverse Artists With One Thing In Common: North Carolina

Mar 29, 2018

Music is the first thing visitors experience at the 12X12 exhibition at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem. They hear one note played over and over again. This singular sound sets the tone for “12X12: 12 Artists from the 12th State,” an exhibition that brings together a group of artists from various backgrounds and artistic practices with one thing in common: North Carolina.

As visitors stroll through the space, they encounter photos, prints, sculpture and multimedia that highlight the wide diversity of contemporary art created in North Carolina. Host Frank Stasio previews the exhibition with Wendy Earle, SECCA’s curator of contemporary art, and two participating artists: Elizabeth Alexander and Endia Beal. Alexander creates paper constructions of everyday objects with floral patterns taken from wallpaper. Beal’s art highlights stories of marginalized communities. The exhibit runs through April 22.