An Ever-Evolving City

Feb 26, 2015

The economy can have a major influence on the history of a city.

Factories once brought folks from the world over to new places with a similar goals in mind - to prosper and make a better life. That is the story of Lynn, Massachusetts. Once the home of General Electric and the countless shoe factories, the city was home to immigrants from Canada, Ireland, Greece, Italy and Armenia. Now, Lynn bears only the vestiges of its industrial success and is economically depressed. Immigration continues but from new areas of the world.

Host Frank Stasio talks with UNC graduate student and storyteller Andrea Patiño Contreras about documenting the story of Lynn and the immigrants who call it home.

From the World to Lynn: Stories of Immigration, a multimedia exhibit by Andrea Patiño Contreras can be viewed at Duke's Center for Documentary Studies through April 13, 2015.