Emerging Issues Forum Takes on "Gen Z"

Feb 6, 2012

This year’s Emerging Issues Forum in Raleigh is taking a close-up look at the so-called Generation “Z.”  The conference sets out to better understand and prepare this age group.

Leoneda Inge:  Those in Generation “Z” were born in the1990s and many will be in college soon.   They’re the first generation born into a digital world.  But there are real obstacles like rising school debt.  Anita Brown- Graham is the director of NC State’s Institute for Emerging Issues.   She says there is a lot of interest in these young people.

Anita Brown-Graham:  And I think as we have branded them, Gen Z people have really come to look at us for insights into who they are, what they want and how a state might be able to rally around them.

More than one thousand participants are expected at the forum including hundreds of Gen-Zers, the CEO of REI, the editor of Fast Company Magazine and more.

Watch the Forum live.