Economic Impact of High Point University Grows

Jun 28, 2012

A new study shows growth at High Point University has led to an increased economic impact on the local and state economy.

Jeff Tiberii: The report says that the annual economic impact has nearly tripled in just the last seven years. The private university with about 4-thousand undergrads has undergone a significant make-over during that time under President Nido Qubein.

Nido Qubein: When you consider we have tripled out enrollment and built 47 buildings that of course contributes measurably to the local economy and the regional economy and the state economy and that adds up to a lot of economic impact.

The total estimated impact on the state is about 464 million dollars and includes the operating budget, attendance at sporting events and visits by family and friends. Dr. Gerald Fox, associate professor of economics at High Point, conducted the study. Qubein says he expect the impact to continue to grow some, as the school aims for a total enrollment of 65-hundred students in the next eight years.